Casita Margarita, Pedasi

September 19, 2009 by:
Casita Margarita, Pedasi

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Casita Margarita is a 5-bedroom boutique hotel in Pedasi, Panama. Situated at the end of the picturesque Main Street right in downtown Pedasi, the location is ideal. Guests can easily drive or take a taxi to several nearby beaches, walk to restaurants, the town square and other points of interest.

The structure itself is a remodeled former home of a local carpenter and his family. Their grandmother was named Margarita, so we thought it fitting to name the hotel in her memory.

We did our best to maintain the authentic look and feel of the Los Santos Province’s rustic style. The home is Panama’s version of Spanish Colonial – tile roofing, locally made floor tiles, and lots of exotic hardwoods. We did our best to retain that feel while performing a lot of updating to provide guests an elegant yet comfortable experience.

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9 Comments on "Casita Margarita, Pedasi"

  1. Evan Forbes on Sat, 19th Sep 2009 9:55 am 

    I am staying here in Casa Margarita as I am writing this review. I love the place, and stay here every time I come to Pedasi. Casey and his team do the hotel experience right; authentic and personal. I highly recommend it to everyone to come at least once.

  2. oceangalCa on Tue, 22nd Sep 2009 8:54 pm 

    My husband and I were delighted to have sushi at the quaint Casita Margarita. Friday night sushi with the freshest fish caught that day. Oh and a great Martini. We love Pedasi.

  3. Kellybrook on Tue, 22nd Sep 2009 8:58 pm 

    I have visited Pedasi a few times and I have always enjoyed the tranquility of this little seaside village in Panama. Casita Margarita fits perfectly into this charming little town. The hotel, located on the town’s main thoroughfare, is a former home that has been remodeled into a quaint little bed and breakfast. The place was clean and the staff very friendly and accommodating. Breakfast is prepared to order every morning, which always includes fresh fruit and hot coffee. The rooms are not oversized, but very comfortable and quiet, each having cable television and hot water. It should be noted that the hot water was not consistent; however, the owner indicated he was planning on making improvements to the system.

    One recommendation I have would be to allow guests internet access to check emails, etc, but overall, Casita Margarita was a great place to stay and I highly recommend it.

  4. Kent on Wed, 23rd Sep 2009 10:10 am 

    “What a wonderful start to our engagement trip. The staff at Casita Margarita could not have been more accommodating. Our room was fantastic, and we had such a great time walking around Pedasi. Cailey did a great job recommending places to visit. My only regret is that we didnt eat dinner at the hotel- the smells that greeted us on our way out should have told us how wonderful the food was going to be. We will definitely be back!”

  5. Georgia on Thu, 15th Oct 2009 11:59 am 

    I just returned from a two week property search in Panama. I stayed at Casita Margarita for three days and loved it! Very quiet, beautiful and accomodating. The water situation was lacking though. By that I mean that when showering the water would go from scalding to ice cold. After soaping up I could only rinse one body part at a time. That being the ONLY problem, I hope it gets fixed. Would that keep me from going back? NOPE! I loved it otherwise and will return :)

  6. casey on Thu, 15th Oct 2009 5:25 pm 

    Wow, I didn’t know we had this many former guests as EyeonPanama readers! Thanks for all of the useful feedback. FYI – we closed the hotel for 3 weeks in order to make some improvements. The on-again-off-again hot water (georgia, i’m assuming you were in room #1?) has been a constant point of pain and is my penance for attempting ONE eco-friendly thing in the darn B&B (on-demand hot water heaters). We’re addressing that right now. We’re also expanding the bar and restaurant areas so that we can serve more guests and potentially open for more hours during the week. Kellybrook, I just bought a computer this week that we’ll be installing in the upstairs library that will allow guests free Internet use.

    We’re very receptive to our customer feedback, so if you have any other ideas, I’m all ears!


    Casey Halloran
    Co-Owner (along with my padres)
    Casita Margarita

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  8. Kelly on Sat, 19th Dec 2009 2:18 pm 

    Our stay at Casita Margarita was wonderful. Our hosts, Susan and Jack, make their quests feel at home with introductions to other travelers and comfortable areas to dine and visit. More than simply serving a wonderful breakfast, the dinners prepared by Andre are wonderful, especially his Sushi which is served on Friday. We were also impressed that they set up our travel to Isla Iguana packed our lunch (yummy), furnished the beach towels, and negotiated a great deal on our behalf.

    If you are looking for inviting relaxing atmosphere in a quaint
    Panama town, this is the place. You will love strolling through Pedasi and staying at Casita Margarita. Indeed, you will wonder if they have monthly rates.

  9. Panama In 2 Weeks on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 3:57 pm 

    [...] to Stay: Budget:  Pedascito — Hostel in the center of town. Mid range:  Casita Margarita —  A charming bed and breakfast in town.  Great service. Splurge:   Villa Lilliana [...]

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