My Casco Crossfit

February 2, 2012 by:
My Casco Crossfit

My Casco Crossfit

Take a look below. You’ll see a young man on your far left confused and vulnerable at Panama’s Flash Mob in Multi Plaza. That was me.

Panama Flash Mob

Seeing that photo changed my life for two reasons: First, it dashed any dreams I might have had of becoming a professional dancer. Even though I think I possess better-than-average rhythm for a white boy, this photo proved otherwise. Secondly, I realized I had became uncomfortably chubby. Too many fried empanadas and patacones had transformed my normally athleticly built body into something that resembled soft chewed bubble gum. Changed was needed.

Evan Terry Forbes

So, I started Casco’s Crossfit (Top Level Gym). My early adopter friend Dan from had been one of the first persons to sign up with Top Level Gym when they relocated to Casco. Dan convinced me to join. “Evan, don’t make excuses. Just do it.”… So, I did.

From the beginning, I liked Crossfit’s concept: Multi joint combination anaerobic and aerobic exercises for 15-20 minutes. The routines continuously vary in order to constantly surprise your muscles. I’m in and out, and on with my day in less than 25 minutes.

My first week was rough. Muscles that I never knew existed were sore. But, by weeks two and three I began to see improvements. Most exciting to witness was that body flab started to turn firm again! In four weeks, I was in some of the best shape of my life.

In 15 minutes of Crossfit, I burn more calories than in 1 hour and 15 minutes of running. In 15 minutes of Crossfit, I’d gotten a more well rounded exercise than in an 1 hour and 15 minutes in the PowerClub.  Too many distracting fake boobs bouncing on the treadmills. Crossfit is short and works your ass out!

Casco Crossfit is not for everyone. I don’t even try to recruit my friends who are the “I’ll start working out mañana” types. Half ass commitments don’t cut it. Procrastination doesn’t let your body acclimate to the routine. Pretending to exercise by riding the elliptical machine for 27 minutes at the Powerclub or “running” once a week in Parque Omar is best for them. Crossfit doesn’t want them anyways.

See La Mama and I’s Casco Crossfit photos here.

Evan Terry Forbes

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