Pure — Panama Nightlife Party Time

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Pure — Panama Nightlife Party Time

Located on the main strip for Panama City nightlife, Pure manages to create both a discotheque and club atmosphere as well as a relaxing lounge vibe depending on the event, music selection and day of the week. Operating within a relatively small space, Pure brings in live DJ’s and puts on special events that can completely fill the dance floor and make the hottest party in the city. At other times, Pure is a cool lounge complete with low leather couches and tables that creates a comfortable place to just relax and take it easy with some drinks. There is also a relatively new outdoor section that allows the club to fit hundreds of partygoers in the same space. Pure’s central location and stylistic versatility make it one of the most interesting night spots in Panama.


Prices for drinks are not cheap, and the cover charge can vary from zero to over ten dollars per person, in accordance with the atmosphere and event that is going on inside. Along with the variety of vibes that Pure can put together, the bar also offers a wide range of drink options. Pure has a large selection of beers, wine, liquor, shooters and drinks, and the bartenders do their best to serve them with gusto. The guys behind the bar at Pure are among the most skilled in the city, spinning and juggling bottles and even putting on the occasional fire display, making alcohol inspired flames dance over the bar at the most opportune times. But beware, if it’s packed outside, getting your drink an often require persistence and patience.

Best Nights of the Week: Weekends and any given weekday.

Cover: $10 prior to 10pm and $15 afterwards. Bottle Bargaining is possible but difficult, be forceful.

Crowd: YeYe

Music: Electronic and Top 40

Price: $5 a drink

Bottle Service: Yes starting from $70

From 1-10 how widely spoken is English: 7

After Hours: Yes till 6am

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3 Comments on "Pure — Panama Nightlife Party Time"

  1. Jack G. on Sun, 3rd May 2009 1:33 pm 

    The story of Pure is the story of the child that became a rock-star overnight.

    Pure used to be a second-rate club here in Panama. It was decent- they had an all-white interior, with blue-lighting accents. They had a decent drink menu, and good music. Ultimately, it was just too small. Any more than 50 people in the club and you could barely move, let alone dance.

    This made it a great spot to bring your own party, as the atmosphere and music were condusive to having a good time, and the prices on the drinks were still reasonable (a bottle of vodka started at $45). However, since late-November 2008, Pure has been getting bigger and bigger. I still remember the first time that I was charged a cover there- I was shocked as hell. Yeah, it was only $5, but the change in policy was surprising, and a foreshadowing of things to come.

    Fast-forward to today, where before 11 pm, the cover is already $10, and coming anytime after brings such heafty premiums as $15-25 (yes, that is right, they actually asked for $25 one night- I think they have deluded themselves into thinking that we are actually in South Beach). Forget about bottle bargaining- the door man is a douche-bag, acting as if he is doing you a favor allowing you into his club for anything less than $15 each, and wants $90+ for a bottle, on top of the door. They neglect to remember which fucking country we are in.

    I used to love this place. It was THE stop on the Uruguay circuit, but I am to the point where I no longer want to go there. Yeah, the outside area is great. Yeah, the music is the best in the city (in my opinion). Yeah, it is right now the hottest night-spot in the city. But it will not be king forever, and with its current promoters and policies, its hayday may very well be cut short by the changing-favor of its own clientele, like myself.

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  3. Levi on Sun, 27th Sep 2009 9:45 pm 

    I used to love it, now I hate it. Pure got an ego real fast, and I say spend your money elsewhere.

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