Big Club Action K’OS

One of the bigger clubs around Calle Uruguay, K’OS signifies rowdy times whether you read it in English or Spanish. Sometimes featuring popular Panamanian music acts or else keeping it loud with live DJ’s all weekend long, K’OS is a place to check out if you are looking for a big night of dancing and sweating late into the night. With a large interior recently remodelled, K’OS has a large bar well equipped to serve out plenty of drinks and a large dance hall that can accommodate hundreds of partygoers. The interior is big and open and has a bit of an industrial warehouse type of design and feel.


Drink prices are pretty much standard ($3-5) and paying a cover should be expected on any popular party night. While special headline acts including live bands or DJ’s dictate the music selection when present, any other night that does not include special invited guests for the entertainment usually includes an eclectic mix of Latin, US, international and electric inspired music selections. For a night on the town that searches for the big clubbing and discotheque atmosphere, K’OS delivers what you’re looking for.

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