Best and Worst Bartenders in Panama

Bartending put food on the table during my last year in College. I like the social atmosphere of the job and learned how to identify key characteristics of a quality bartender. It’s someone who possesses an extensive product knowledge of alcohol, is personable, radiates positive energy, and operates quickly. These professional bartenders in many countries can earn a decent living because leaving a big tip is widely seen as a sign of gratitude. In Panama, tipping well – or tipping at all — is not a common practice. As a result, bartenders are not inspired by the same financial incentives as in other countries, making finding motivated bartenders a bit of a challenge. Here is a list of some of the best, and worst, bartenders in Panama:



Jason at Havana: Like a raw rookie prospect, Jason has the potential to be great, and is developing his skills daily. He lacks fluency behind the bar, which will come with time, but he is one of the most attentive and personal bartenders in Panama. If you are Jason’s customer for the evening, your drink will rarely be empty, and

your face will never be forgotten. We recommend the Mojito at this Cuban-themed bar.

Hasson at Prive: The total package. A shorter guy with a bright smile, Hasson is quick, knowledgeable, energetic, and just plain cool. He is considered by most to be one of Panama’s best bartenders, and is an favorite. He doesn’t work every night, but when you are at Prive, you can’t go wrong asking for Hasson. We recommend any of their specialty Martinis.

Indigo: Indigo has a great staff of bartenders, even with one of the owners getting behind the bar when the situation calls for it. Quick, professional, and with excellent presentation, Indigo has one of the liveliest scenes surrounding the bar. We recommend the Whisky Sour– they actually use real bitters!


Pure: A real bummer because Pure is one of my favorite clubs in town. But, the service is at a snail’s pace, the level of confusion among the staff boarders borders on incompetence. The bartenders act like they are doing you a favor by getting you a drink. We recommend avoiding the bar altogether, and instead ordering a bottle with a couple of friends (Ron Abuelo is about $45 and Smirnoff Vodka $55).

Strip Clubs: Almost without a doubt, you will be double charged or have drinks added to your tab. The girls themselves get paid a commission from the drinks that they have while they are sitting with you. Strip clubs are notorious for scamming, and we recommend staying away altogether, considering that there are better, and cheaper places to meet professional woman (article forthcoming).

Please if you have any other best or worst bartenders, or disagree with ours, leave a comment.

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