Looking for a Cheap Lunch? Casinos

Casino Lunch Specials are one of Panama’s best kept secrets. Eating lunch in Panama is economical to begin with, but Casinos during lunch time making eating out ridiculously inexpensive. These Reno-inspired Casinos serve stomach-busting lunch specials for $3-$5, leading me to believe that they must be losing money. I discovered these mid-day deals by tagging along with my Panamanian co-workers to lunch one day. We ate a decent 3 course meal with a drink included and my bill came out to be $4.50 including tip. I was amazed at just how much food I ate and how little I spent, especially since I had been paying over $6 at Subway and that wasn’t even a full meal. Today, I am an advocate for eating at Casinos if you are looking for the best bang for your buck. Here are the best Casino Lunch Specials that I have found in Panama:


**** All the following lunch specials run Monday through Friday from 12pm-3pm.

1. Royal Casino– Located in the Banking District (next to Hotel Marriott). For $2.99, the meal includes a beverage, soup, main dish, and a desert. The menu is changed daily and the restaurant is located on the ground floor, in back towards the stage.

2. Super 99 Casino– Located in Obarrio. Here you will find one of the best Sancochos in town. The Panamanian traditional chicken soup is gigantic and is accompanied by rice and a beverage. Any trip to Panama is not complete without trying a bowl of Sancocho, and this is one of the best places to get your fill.

3. Fiesta Casino. Located between the Panama and Veneto Casino in El Cangrejo, the Fiesta Casino lunch special is the best in town. The menu includes an appetizer, your choice from 5 different well portioned entrees, a desert, and a drink. The entire 3 course meal cost 4.50 including tip! It is not gourmet, but it’s the best deal in town.

If you know of any other lunch time deals, please leave a comment below.

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