Vegetarian Eats in Panama City

The unlikely find in Panama City, there are a few amazing vegetarian restaurants available ranging from the cheap cafeteria style to the sit down dinner, allowing even the vegetarian to dine in style.

Casa Vegetariana – Located in the Plaza New York in Marbella and on Via Veneto around the corner from the Veneto Casino. Very tasty options in a buffet style for $.50 per item. Options include tofu saute, fried eggplant, various soy meat plates, steamed vegetables and all meals include a free cup of soup. Hard to beat the price when you can fill up for $2. Recommended as a great place for a cheap lunch, that isn’t Panamanian food.

Super G:  In the heart of Casco Viejo, Super G is one of the best places to garb a salad or a fruit smoothie.  Expect to pay around $2-$8 depending on the drink or dish.

La Novena – Located on Via Argentina, this restaurant has the feel of being in someone’s kitchen with them cooking you a personal meal. A bit more expensive than their vegetarian counterparts, La Novena offers the more classy option to vegetarian dining. Servings are modest but delicious, and run around $8 a plate.

The Red String – The Red String, located on Federico Boyd, offers tasty kosher and veggie options. Try the portobelo sandwich or the veggie fajita, both are popular favorites. They do offer some fish options in addition to their sushi for those not looking for all veggie. Enjoy the outdoor seating and a hint of citrus in your complimentary water. Plates range from $5-$10 but are worth the price.

Riba Smith – Is the “yeye” supermarket, but is nice when you are looking for a wider selection, or something special you might miss from home. Prices are higher than some of their supermarket counterparts, but you can find such items as tofu, Annie’s salad dressing, soy milk, soy cheese and an amazing amount of fresh produce and other veggie/vegan products to make the dietary limited smile in delight. Located at the Mulitplaza and in Marbella.

Deli K - The largest kosher supermarket in Panama City with a huge selection of goods that are hard to find anywhere else in Latin America. Check out their array of arabian spreads, fresh breads and pita, and their health food section. Located in the parking garage of the Multicentro mall.

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