The Best $25 Massage in Panama

October 21, 2009 by:
The Best $25 Massage in Panama

God. Panama City. As much as I love this place, I know I’m not alone when I say that by the end of certain days, I need a drink. Or a gun. Sometimes both.

However, I have found that these stress outlets are A) not very effective, and B) often something I regret the next morning. Thus, the reason for this article.

I have found a woman who has changed my life. No, I did not find her on Via Veneto, nor in one of Panama’s many, uh, gentleman’s clubs.

Morally, I find nothing wrong with paying for her services.

For those of you jumping to conclusions, I am talking about our masseuse, whom I lovingly refer to as Ms. Magic Hands.

Marlene is amazing. I can call her at the end of a long day, and often, I am able to schedule a time for that evening. I don’t even have to leave the apartment. She makes house calls. And only charges – drum roll please – $25 for a one hour therapeutic massage.

Make no mistake, for those of you looking for the so-called happy-ending massage, she is not it. Often, especially with new clients, her husband with accompany her and just hang out in the living room or terrace while she works her magic. And deep-tissue massage is not her specialty, but she does a great job working out those knots and pulling the tension out of your neck. She brings her own oils, and works your from head to toe, with my favorite part being the foot massage she throws in.

We are not going to post Ms. Magic Hands’ phone number for three reasons; A) she would like us to pre-screen new customers to make sure that they are real, B) she doesn’t speak English, and C) we don’t want to get her so busy that she can no longer see us.

If you live in Panama City and would like to book Ms. Magic Hands drop us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with her. It may change your life.

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6 Comments on "The Best $25 Massage in Panama"

  1. Anna on Thu, 22nd Oct 2009 1:25 pm 

    Hey guys,

    OK I need to try Ms. Magic Hands – we live in Casco and can’t wait for it!

    Thanks for the referral.

    Anna & Drew

  2. uschi on Thu, 22nd Oct 2009 7:22 pm 

    i would also love to receive this contact. thanks.

  3. Victor Flores on Tue, 3rd Nov 2009 4:44 pm 

    I have “Fibromyalgia and I love to receive this contact.

    Thanks for the referral.

  4. Sergio on Sun, 10th Jan 2010 9:06 pm 

    Thank you very much for recommending Marlen! She was very professional and is a very good. Highly recommend. Sergio.

  5. sneha balani on Tue, 11th Jan 2011 1:12 pm 

    I always wanted someone to do massage in the comforts of my house and save me from the hassle of travelling….it would be great if she visits punta pacifica.

  6. brad on Sat, 25th Jun 2011 1:09 pm 

    visiting massage therapist from Houston. Want a professional therapeutic massage in my hotel. from the video it looks like she knows what she is doing. please send her info, thanks

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