Top Ten Signs You Have Been In Panama Too Long

June 28, 2009 by:
Top Ten Signs You Have Been In Panama Too Long

How do you know that you have been in Panama too long? Jesse Choquette from gives you a David Letterman inspired Top Ten Signs You Have Been In Panama Too Long.   This footage was filmed at the Ancon Theatre Guild’s “Improv8″ in Panama City, June 2009

Evan Terry Forbes

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Evan Terry Forbes is an Author, Entrepreneur and Hall of Fame Traveler. He writes entertaining books about how travel has changed his life. In so many beautiful ways. Currently, Evan is traveling with his retired mother for 1 year through Europe and Asia. This book will be called, Travels With My Mother - How Travel Transformed A Mother-Son Relationship. Read his books here.

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10 Comments on "Top Ten Signs You Have Been In Panama Too Long"

  1. Jesse Choquette on Sun, 28th Jun 2009 7:45 pm 

    What a great show that ended up being! I had so much fun making it all happen. If you watched the movie, and would like to post your own “you know you’ve been in Panama too long when…” moment, please do so.

    Here is one from me-

    You know you have been in Panama too long when you are no longer surprised when you see the triple-D breasted mannequins at Albrook Mall!

  2. Kentdogg on Sun, 28th Jun 2009 11:52 pm 

    You killed it… Nice work bro!

  3. michell on Tue, 30th Jun 2009 5:11 pm 

    funny, i like the way he says “ofi and awebao” lol..

  4. manfred on Sun, 16th Aug 2009 1:21 pm 

    he goes around with open eyes+ears

  5. manfred on Sun, 16th Aug 2009 1:24 pm 

    he thought there was a war ongoing ,but it was only the red devil-buses making a elephant race

  6. Kat on Fri, 4th Sep 2009 11:26 pm 

    Dale, bro.

  7. Kat on Fri, 4th Sep 2009 11:39 pm 

    This is a long way from “Call Me Madam” at the Ancon Little Theatre in 1966 which starred my best friend’s mother as Madam (Mrs. Robbins).

  8. AnaB on Fri, 5th Feb 2010 10:35 am 

    :D Es una triste verdad, pero sigue siendo la verdad, es gracioso ver lo que los extranjeros piensan de nosostros y como personas de tantos paises diferentes, logran adaptarse a lo que llamamos “panameñismos”. El chico del video lo hizo sensacional :D

    @Jesse Choquette: Lo de los maniquís bueno, eso es producto de influencia de un país vecino :D

  9. Bianca on Mon, 5th Mar 2012 12:56 pm 

    No creo que sea triste, cada país tiene su peculiaridad.

    Como en Estados Unidos y sobretodo en ciertos estados, la gente dice mucho la palabra “Like”, como una muletilla. O cuando dicen que son “Americanos” cuando yo tambien lo soy porque el continente son de unos cuantos países más además del suyo.

    Y asi como en cualquier pais, si te incomoda… no tienes porque estar ahí o no??

    Cada país tiene sus peculiaridades.

  10. jordan on Tue, 27th Mar 2012 9:51 am 

    I like what Bianca says about each country having their different ways.. I did notice too that everytime I said I am American in Panama the Panamanians would snap at me quickly…”We are all Americans”. jajaj me senti como un tonto…I love Panama now im back in the states just trying to figure out a business plan so I can move back there without the grind of teaching english…I want to enjoy my time

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